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Every sport you can think of has its own set of fans and followers. This includes the NFL in American and football betting especially NFL football betting has become very popular in Canada. There are lots of tips and strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning big and we have all the information for Canadian football fans here on our page. Below you will find information on the different ways to bet on football.

Different Ways To Bet On Football For Canadian Gamblers

There are lots of different ways to bet on both the NFL and the CFL and below you will find information on the most popular options.

The Handicap Line:
This is probably the most popular bet that you can place on football. This wager gives those without inside knowledge or experience a better chance at winning by offering them a "handicap". For example, if the Indianapolis Colts are up against the New York Giants, a book maker will note that the Colts are the weaker team. They will be given a -6 1.909, while the Giants will be given a +6 2.020. What this means is that if the Colts were to win by six or more points, anyone who placed a bet on Indianapolis would win.

The Money Line:
With this wager there are three outcomes that are considered. These are a win, loss, or a tie. The outcomes that gamblers don't want is a draw because American Football doesn't accept an unresolved draw. Matches will always continue on into overtime and if a "tie" is an option, it is likely to be settled at the end of the quarter, regardless of overtime played.

Totals Betting:
Totals betting is also known as Over Under. This is where the focus is placed on the points scored by both teams. A book maker will set a number of points that they think each team will score throughout the match. This will also include overtime. Gamblers will then place bets on the total combined points to come out either over or under the total that has been set by the bookmaker.

Football Betting Strategies

If you understand the basics and know how to place wagers on NFL football then it is highly recommended that you have a strategy in place to help you make the right bets. There are a number of things that you should keep in mind when creating the best betting strategy. A professional gambler will take the time to build power ranking systems that they will then use to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the teams, whether in the NFL or CFL. There are two other pieces of information that will also be used in this strategy and these are:

  • Yardage Differential: This evaluates the average offensive yards gained each play and the average defensive yards. The statistics are collected and based on this, the higher the yardage of the team, the more likely they are to win.
  • Home Field Advantage: This may be deemed psychological, but teams usually have the real advantage of playing at home. They are used to the grounds and the facilities and more often than not, they are supported by their home fans.

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