Super Bowl LI Report


If fans expected great action, then the Super Bowl exceeded all expectations as it not only offered great action but also one of the biggest comebacks ever. The most popular bets on the board were for Atlanta to win on the money line and New England to cover the 3-point spread, and they both assisted to balance the action.

Yet, as the game played out, this was not the case. The Atlanta Falcons all but seemed to have the game wrapped up with an outstanding lead early into the game, yet New England surprised everyone with a come-back that made history and saw the Falcons heading to the dressing room in defeat.

Punters simply adored the Lady Gaga props while Tom Brady was the favorite to win MVP, which ensure a heavy wagering volume. The NFL betting season ended with a crazy wild finish while a +500 opening made New England Patriots the Super Bowl LII winning favorites.

Popular Bets


Bettors are planning ahead and with the NHL deadline appearing there are some definite movements on the Stanley Cup. Currently, the first place belongs to the Washington Capitals when it comes to league standings, and with their odd boards on +500, it's the Minnesota Wild that follows with +600, at +800 a piece the Pittsburg Penguins, as well as the Columbus Blue Jackets, is next in cue. The fourth spot now belongs to the Montreal Canadians currently at +900 after losing four games before heading into the tilt with Arizona. During that skid, the Habs scored three times only, which blatantly identifies the need for assistance, especially with the forthcoming trade deadlines. The Wild has been allowed by Montreal to leapfrog them in the NHL standings, and a lead of 32-20 is now enjoyed by Minnesota against the spread that earned bettors over 25 units.


Another team that is battling past tough times is the Toronto Raptors, while the first place in the NBA belongs to the Raps with standings at 31-21-1 with the Boston Celtics trailing in the Atlantic Division thanks to their loss of 8 to 10. The NBA frontrunners at the moment are also the two best teams and what continue to give bettors the fits are the NBA Championship odds. With 22-26-2 against the spread is the Cleveland Cavaliers, checking in at 23-26-2 is the Golden State Warriors and your best bet between the elite teams in the NBA is the San Antonio Spurs since they are 39-12 as well as 29-21-1 this season against the spread.



In just two weeks the MLB Spring Training schedule starts, and it is time to get your baseball handicapping into great shape. On the futures board the Toronto Blue Jays remains a favorite while they are set to win the 3rd World Series at +1400, and at +350, the Chicago Cubs are the favorites to repeat.