Ads in Football Games Targeted by New UKGC Betting Rules


It has been established that 95% of football matches are swamped with UK betting ads. The UK Gambling Commissions adhere to strict rules and they are looking into this matter.

Last week a BBC report exposed that 95% of football matches broadcasted on television features UK betting ads. The report also affirmed that these sport betting advertisements running during the matches make up about 20% of all the ads. It is proven time and time again that UKGC betting rules are stringent. They are at present scrutinizing cartoon characters being used in online gambling games, so this could be the next area that they are devoting their time on.

As articulated before, the UKGC betting rules set by the UK Gambling Commission for legal online gambling is considered seriously. It comes across that the UKGC will soon inspect sports betting as well. In the BBC report, a study was done on 25 different matches aired on television stations in the UK. The study finally concluded that out of five advertisement slots, only one didn't air betting advertisements. This comes down to a total of 1, 324 advertisement spots, of which 272 of them were gambling related.

These numbers asses to one in five of the slot are UK betting advertisements. In several of the cases, the number was even higher. Up to 40% of the advertisements aired during big name matches, for example, the Europa League games are all betting related.

In a statement, activist Matt Zarb-Cousin raised his concerns, saying:

"We are concerned about the effects of children and young people being exposed to gambling advertising due to the pre-watershed exemption for live sporting events. The government has an opportunity to address this in the forthcoming review."

UKGC is taking action on underage gambling

To protect children from harmful material broadcasted on radio and television the UKGC implemented a watershed in the UK running from 21: 00 to 05:30. Producers will now stick to the stringent UKGC betting rules for dealing with issues of sexual matters, taste, strong language and violence. These guidelines might be revised by the UKGC to include online gambling and betting advertisements spots run during sports matches.

The UKGC is diligent to take on online casinos that are targeting young gamblers through their advertisements. It is, however, unknown if the regulator will target more widespread UK betting ads in the time to come. Then on the other hand, with all the actions that are taking place to prevent underage gambling, this could be the beginning of something that will be taken seriously around the globe.

No government are content with underage gambling, whether it is in Canada or the UK. When further information becomes available on the subject, we will update this article.

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